Molly Alphabet

by Molly Alphabet

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Joyce All hail the Queen of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh! Favorite track: Turn Your Wine Back Into Water.
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All Songs Written By Chet Vincent
Recorded And Mixed By Rob Collier
Mastered By Nate Campisi At Mr. Smalls Northside Studio
Produced By Charles Shaw


released January 20, 2012

The Players:

Molly "Alphabet" Szramowski - Vocals
Colin Bronnenkant - Drums, Back-Up Vocals
Thomas Cipollone - Pedal Steel
Rob Collier - Bass, Back-Up Vocals
Chris Parker - Guitar
Zeina Saliba - Back-Up Vocals
Alexander Sands - Wurlitzer, Back-Up Vocals
Chet Vincent - Guitar, Harmonica

Album Art:

Concept By Molly Alphabet
Photo By Jake Marsico
Design By Jason Georgiades
Make-Up By Katie Cooper

Many thanks to everyone who made this project possible, as well as the great city of Pittsburgh.


all rights reserved



Molly Alphabet Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Molly Alphabet is a country singer born, raised, and residing in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood.


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Track Name: Let's Make Love With The Lights On
Let's Make Love With The Lights On

The car horn blast, the taxi breaks
hold me close for goodness sakes
I hope we survive this wild ride.
You don’t have to say my name
just touch my lips and ease the pain
then pick me up and carry me inside.
We can stay awake till dawn
let’s make love with the lights on.

There is a passion lost with age
a truth forgotten by the sage
I hope I never count the years.
They say sometimes the night moves fast
life’s best moments never last
I won’t be crippled by my fear.
You don’t have to stay here long
let’s make love with the lights on.

I want to feel your fire burning
I want to look you in the eye
I want to know you’re really loving me
even if it’s just for one night
let’s make love with the lights on.

Seasons change, time goes by
the planets drift across the sky
and what we are no one really knows.
I don’t know who, or what, to blame
tomorrow it won’t be the same
but I guess that’s just the way it goes --
as soon as it begins it’s gone.
Let’s make love with the lights on.
Track Name: Saturday And Sunday
Saturday and Sunday

If the work week never ended
and the weekend never came
I would wear a smile every day
and never once complain.

Working keeps me busy
and my mind occupied.
When I get home I fall asleep
could not worry if I tried.

But on Saturday I’m drinking
Sunday begging Jesus please.
In the bar or at the altar
either way I’m on my knees.
Whiskey to forget him
wine to bring him home.
Saturday and Sunday
are the same when you’re alone.

My friend’s all think I’m crazy
to miss him like I do --
they say he was a fool to leave
and I know it must be true.
Won’t say how many times I’ve cried
I swear I must be cursed.
Though my heart aches every day
weekends are the worst.
Track Name: Roll On, Ohio
Roll On, Ohio

I was born in Pittsburgh, born there and raised
and in Pittsburgh, I thought, I’d live out my days.
Till one morning I woke, found a sky colored grey
and a current that come to take me away.

Roll on, Ohio, where your waters flow
to the great Mississippi, Gulf of Mexico.
Roll on, Ohio, I’m leaving home
I’ll follow you ever, wherever you go.

The miles are hard, the current moves slow
through misty farmland and cities that glow
through a crooked old forest and a vast gentle plain
to an endless black ocean where all sorrows drain.

Sometimes I’m lonesome, sometimes I’m cold
sometimes I’m think I’m getting too old.
But the current I’m caught in rambles one way
and I won’t be tomorrow what I am today.
Track Name: Turn Your Wine Back Into Water
Turn Your Wine Back Into Water

Give your heart back to Jesus,
take your sin back to the Lord.
Turn your wine back into water
if not for me, do it for your daughters.

You succumbed like many men
to the siren song of whiskey and gin.
You brought the Devil into our home
but you don’t have to face him alone.

You can’t go on, the way you’re living
and I know you wish to be free.
The Bible says you’ll be forgiven
trust in Him, come home to me.
Track Name: Mountain Man
Mountain Man

Mountain man I know it must seem strange
for a city girl to love someone like you.
I know I have a lot to learn and have a lot to prove
mountain man, would you love me if I could?

I would learn to live off of the land
and fish, set traps, pick berries with my hands.
I would learn to shoot a gun and chop up firewood
mountain man, would you love me if I could?

And would you love me if I could plant a garden
and harvest syrup from a maple tree;
what if I could skin a deer and cook a rabbit stew?
Mountain man this city girl loves you.

Mountain man, I know it must seem weird
that I want to clean your boots and trim your beard.
I would learn to pack a lip, dip, spit, pinch and chew
mountain man, would you love me if I could?

And would you love me if I could pick a banjo
and fill the air with lovely melody;
what if I could work a still and brew some mountain dew?
Mountain man this city girl loves you.

I want to move to the mountain and be with you
I want to move to the mountain and be with you
I want to, I want to,
I want to move to the mountain and be with you.

What if I caught a trout or killed a bear?
What if I learned to breathe rarified air?
What if I gave up city life, got a rugged attitude
mountain man, would you love me if I could?

And would you love me if I could raise the children
and build a happy home and family;
what if I could promise always to stay true?
Mountain man this city girl loves you.